Passionate about movement, flexibility and the art of handstands
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About me

I didnʼt start hand-balancing until I was 29 years old, hence I understand what it feels like to be a little scared of what seems uncontrollable and having the frustration of asking ourselves,

“Why the hell is it so much harder than it looks?”

My journey actually started with Yoga in 2011, I studied as an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket teacher and completed over 800 hours of Yoga teacher training with some of the world`s greatest Yoga teachers.

I fell in love and now only teach the art of handstands since 2017, I have and still regularly practice with some world-renowned handstand teachers, and I feel very honoured to be a regular student of Sainaa (London School of Handbalance), Miguel Sant'ana and Yuval Ayalon.

People always ask me,

'WHY HANDSTANDS? When you already know how to handstand!'

For me, handstands are an art; it makes me feel strong, free and alive.


Being in a handstand demands so much concentration and focus, that I canʼt think about anything else! It's a relentless pursuit,

Trading Hours Of Practice For A Result Which Lasts Seconds, but the feeling of achievement is just the most incredible feeling. I'd sacrifice anything for it!

"I am so excited to share my passion and knowledge with my students and let them discover the amazing upside down world, while having fun."

I have been a member and supporter of the Bhakti Yoga community since 2021.

Fully qualified with 800 RYT certified and have taught Yoga since 2016.
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Classes I offer:
  • 1-2-1 in-person, at my home

  • 1-2-1 online

  • Group classes online

  • At retreats or events, see schedule

  • Classes of 60, 90 or 120min available
My first handstand guide book is coming out soon!

Workshops are typically 2-3 hours long and held in-person at different venues.

I have the following workshops available:
  • Beginner handstands level

  • Intermediate handstands level

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My first book, which will be about this fascinating topic, is currently in the process of being written. As soon as it is finished, I will let you all know about it.

In the next few months I also want to organise and make available online workshops centred on the topic, so watch this space.

In the community, I support a variety of charitable Yoga, Mindful, Bhakti events, and Festivals. At these occasions, I hold workshops to introduce curious and like- minded people to the world of handstands. These are often taster lessons designed to introduce the essentials of:
  • Warming up and its importance
  • Flexibility/mobility
  • Drills to lay the foundations and feel the balance
And even get you to perform your first handstand, but mostly just have some fun with you.

Plans for this year include intensives and retreats in the United Kingdom and in exotic locations.

I'm now working with Yoga and other movement discipline teachers to provide a diverse and fulfilling experience at intensives or retreats.

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© 2024 Hannaonhands. All Rights Reserved.
© 2024 Hannaonhands. All Rights Reserved.
Feedback from Students

Why you should let me teach you.

"...Inspirational and entusiastic..."

Hanna is an inspirational and enthusiastic teacher, who is very encouraging. I throughly enjoy all of her classes, the in-person ones in particular are a favourite because not only does she give you valuable feedback to develop, but she creates a warm and supportive atmosphere where you learn from and with others in the group.
Hanna has helped me to find my passion again and for that I highly recommend any of her classes.

Charlene, High Wycombe, UK
20 August, 2023
"Her energy is contagious"

Iʼm super impressed with Hannaʼs classes. She knows exactly how to break the handstand down for me. Her energy is contagious! Hannaʼs classes both handstand and flexibility are a big game changer! Secretly after only few weeks I improved my overall strength and body awareness and in a result I improved my rock climbing skills massively! Thank you and keep up with your great work!

Hanna, Marlow, UK
17 September, 2023
"...Inspired me so much and also motivating me..."

I highly recommend Hannaʼs classes, she has helped me so much with the best drills and technique to achieve my handstand in so many shapes. Her private classes are amazing, you can see the improvements right away, not only in the handstand position, but also in the best conditioning for the body. She has inspired me so much and also motivating me to not give up!! She offers the best online classes I have ever dreamed of. Thank you Hanna, for all your support, you are the best!!!

Natalia, Spain
4 January, 2024
"...I never thought online training could be this effective..."

She loves what she does!
I discovered Hanna on Instagram, and her handstand immediately caught my attention. I've been practicing handstands for a while as part of my Yoga routine, but couldn't stand freely without a wall. I wanted to change that. I've been practicing with Hanna every Sunday for some time now, and I'm more than thrilled with her teaching style! I never thought online training could be this effective. Hanna teaches the handstand in a way that promotes joint health and ensures proper alignment, avoiding any 'bananaing', which is crucial to me. Now, I can stand freely in a handstand, and my shoulder and hip flexibility has significantly improved. Hanna's enthusiasm and flexibility are a huge inspiration-she motivates with her passion for handstands. Highly recommended!

Eva, Austria
5 January, 2024
Feedback from Students

Why you should let me teach you.

"...unique ability to motivate everyone..."

Iʼve had the pleasure of attending handstand on-line classes with Hanna since she started teaching last July, and itʼs been a great experience. Hannaʼs vibrant personality and boundless energy are infectious. She possesses a unique ability to motivate everyone, creating an atmosphere thatʼs both dynamic and supportive. Her classes are a delightful blend of varied exercises, ensuring that no two sessions are ever alike. What truly sets Hanna apart is her extensive repertoire of drills, which she has gathered from the top world handstand coaches. Each one is tailored to make learning both fun and effective. She respects each studentʼs individual needs, gracefully adapting her teaching style. For instance, I appreciate her giving the students the freedom to alternative stretching exercises. Hannaʼs approach instills a joy for handstands that goes beyond the classroom and I already look forward to the next class!

Francesca, Switzerland
20 December, 2023
"...brilliant teacher..."

I thoroughly enjoy Hanna's handstand classes - both group and private. They are fun, challenging and you learn a lot. She is a brilliant teacher and explains things very well. She immediately understands your needs and focuses on those areas which need attention. I notice that I can run longer, lift better and feel much more flexible.

I highly recommend Hanna if you are looking to improve your flexibility or learn handstands; it's always challenging and you feel great afterwards.

Keith, Maidenhead, UK
8 June, 2023
"...supportive coach, inspiring..."

Hanna is an excellent teacher, her guidance and detailed cues and adjustments have massively helped me to improve my handstand alignment. She is a naturally supportive coach, inspiring her students to deliver their best and celebrating every achievement along the way to their handstand goals. Her classes are intelligently structured with conditioning and flexibility exercises in between targeted handstand drills. This format is very challenging but itʼs really improved my endurance and form.

I would highly recommend Hannaʼs classes for anyone looking to improve their handstand technique, or more generally work on their endurance and conditioning. Thank you Hanna, youʼre amazing!

Lydia, London, UK
7 January, 2024

Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK

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